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My aunt Nellie (yet again) counsels Socrates on not confusing the Unexamined with the Unworthy

Socrates: The unexamined life is not worth living!

My aunt Nellie: Speak for yourself, dear. Alright, alright. That which is worth-living might perhaps be worth for indulging in a little examination too. Well, why not? But to me it just isn’t clear how the unexamined is equal to the unworthy. If that were as obviously the case as you seem to think, archaeologists, psychoanalysts and their friends would rather spend their time more profitably than digging for only god knows what that lies unexamined beneath the surfaces. But look at them!

Me: Ah, if only they would!

Tinker, Tailor, Boxer, Water-Carrier

“Just as breath emerges with a brighter voice from the narrow bore of a trumpet, the thought that carves its way through the rigours and the rhythms of poetry must come to surface with a livelier force and light.” Words to that effect were said by Cleanthes, who some 23 centuries ago was a boxer, philosopher, and water-carrier.